opening remarks


1.celebrating professor peter l. strauss

author:robert a. katzmann


2.peter strauss:  an introduction

author:todd d. rakoff




3.introduction: the place of agencies in polarized government

author:cynthia r. farina & gallian e. metzger


4.congressional polarization: terminal constitutional dysfunction? 

author:cynthia r. farina


5.agencies, polarization and the states

author:gallian e. metzger



6.unorthodox lawmaking, unorthodox rulemaking 

author:abbe r. gluck, anne joseph o'connell & rosa po


7.chevron is dead; long live chevron

author:michael herz


8.inside congress's mind

author:john f. manning


9.presidential administration and the tradition of administrative law 

author:thomas w. merrill administrative jurisprudence: the rule of law in the administrative state

author:kevin m. stack


11.a place for agency experitise: reconciling agency expertise with presidential power

author:wendy e. wagner