variation in assimilable organic carbon formation during chlorination of microcystis aeruginosa extracellular organic matter solutions
xingbin sun ting yuan , huishan ni , yanpeng li , yang hu


fabrication and performance of pet mesh enhanced cellulose acetate membranes for forward osmosis
guoliang li jun wang deyin hou , yu bai , huijuan liu


effects of al doping on the structure and properties of goethite and its adsorption behavior towards phosphate
wei li , longjun wang , fan liu , xiaoliang liang , xionghan feng , wenfeng tan , lirong zhenghui yin 


effect of non-solvent additives on the morphology, pore structure, and direct contact membrane distillation performance of pvdf-ctfe hydrophobic membranes
libing zheng zhenjun wu , yong zhang , yuansong wei , jun wang


fate and transport of the β-adrenergic agonist ractopamine hydrochloride in soil–water systems
heldur hakk weilin l. shelver , francis x.m. casey


biosesorption and retention of orthophosphate onto ca(oh)2-pretreated biomass of phragmites sp.
giorgos markou dimitris mitrogiannis , koenraad muylaert , abuzer çelekli , hüseyin bozkurt


field scale interaction and nutrient exchange between surface water and shallow groundwater in the baiyang lake region, north china plain
bentje brauns poul l. bjerg , xianfang song , rasmus jakobsen


importance of storage time in mesophilic anaerobic digestion of food waste
fan lü xian xu , liming shao , pinjing he 


removal of ofloxacin antibiotic using heterogeneous fenton process over modified alginate beads
hana titouhi jamel-eddine belgaied


bio-remediation of acephate–pb(ii) compound contaminants bybacillus subtilis fzul-33
wenting lin zhen huang xuezhen li minghua liu yangjian cheng 


electrochemical decolorization of dye wastewater by surface-activated boron-doped nanocrystalline diamond electrode
chienhung chen ervin nurhayati , yaju juang chihpin huang 


preliminary study of acrylamide monomer decomposition during methane fermentation of dairy waster sludge
ewelina mroczek piotr konieczny , andrzej lewicki , agnieszka wa?kiewicz , jacek dach


the contribution of mediated oxidation mechanisms in the electrolytic degradation of cyanuric acid using diamond anodes
nasr bensalah sondos dbira , ahmed bedoui


adsorptive removal of as(iii) ions from water using spent grain modified by polyacrylamide
yunnen chen , changshi xiong


nutrient variability and its influence on nitrogen processes in a highly turbid tropical estuary (bangpakong, gulf of thailand)
adriano a. bordalo kashane chalermwat , catarina teixeira


rapid adsorption of toxic pb(ii) ions from aqueous solution using multiwall carbon nanotubes synthesized by microwave chemical vapor deposition technique
nabisab mujawar mubarak fourier jaya narayan sahu ezzat chan abdullah , natesan subramanian jayakumar


water uptake of multicomponent organic mixtures and their influence on hygroscopicity of inorganic salts
yuanyuan wang , bo jing , yucong guo , junling li , shengrui tong , yunhong zhang maofa ge 


influence factors for the oxidation of pyrite by oxygen and birnessite in aqueous systems
guohong qiu yao luo , cheng chen , qiang lv , wenfeng tan , fan liu , chengshuai liu


effect of algal flocculation on dissolved organic matters using cationic starch modified soils
wenqing shi lei bi , gang pan 


in vitro assessment of thyroid hormone receptor activity of four organophosphate esters
xiaomin ren linying cao , yu yang , bin wan , sufang wang , lianghong guo 


phosphate adsorption performance of a novel filter substrate made from drinking water treatment residuals
wendong wang cui ma , yinting zhang , shengjiong yang , yue shao , xiaochang wang


oxygen tolerance capacity of upflow anaerobic solid-state (uass) with anaerobic filter (af) system
yao meng carsten jost , jan mumme , kaijun wang bernd linke


response of soil co2 efflux to precipitation manipulation in a semiarid grassland
xiaorong wei yanjiang zhang , jian liu , hailong gao , jun fan , xiaoxu jia , jimin cheng ,mingan shao , xingchang zhang


identifying the major fluorescent components responsible for ultrafiltration membrane fouling in different water sources
weiguang sun , jun nan jia xing , jiayu tian 


remediation of saline–sodic soil with flue gas desulfurization gypsum in a reclaimed tidal flat of southeast china
yumei mao , xiaping li warren a. dick , liming chen


occurrence, distribution, and potential influencing factors of sewage sludge components derived from nine full-scale wastewater treatment plants of beijing, china

xu wang meiyan li , junxin liu jiuhui qu

two-step fast microwave-assisted pyrolysis of biomass for bio-oil production using microwave absorbent and hzsm-5 catalyst
bo zhang , zhaoping zhong qinglong xie , shiyu liu , roger ruan 


new insight into adsorption characteristics and mechanisms of the biosesorbent from waste activated sludge for heavy metals
yun zhou , zhiqiang zhang jiao zhang , siqing xia


volatile organic compound emissions from straw-amended agricultural soils and their relations to bacterial communities: a laboratory study
chengfei shi , juan zhao , ran wang , ting wu wanhong dai , xinming wang yonggan zhang , yujie zhang , zhe wang